I created thelastdev.com to discuss with you and hear your opinions about ideas, new technologies and trend topics from the tech field. This blog is mainly focused on Python development and Data Science matters although, I also post about trend technologies, tutorials, and book reviews. thelastdev.com is open for new content suggestions and ideas and I will be more than happy to include them.

Siaterlis Konstantinos

I have graduated from the University of Patras as a Software Engineer, and I hold an MSc in Data Science. The past couple of years I have worked as a Data Scientist and as an assistant researcher at the University of Patras making research mostly on Recommender Systems. I currently work for Orfium as a Data Scientist. I am a Pythonista and a passionate developer. I constantly monitor trending technologies and I am always eager to learn new things! My current love is deep learning and I love messing with it and create models to play with. I am always open to criticism because it always makes me better.


I love writing and sharing my thoughts on a variety of things. This blog is just that, sharing my opinion about data science, python, books etc. I usually reblog posts, that does not mean I own them. I love innovative ideas and trend technologies and that is why I share not only my thoughts but supporting other inspiring posts too. Every single outside mention always comes with a link to the source and full contribution to the creator.